While your police chief fights the mayor and council and your police are busy writing tickets, gangs are waging war in Kenner. Isn't it time we get our priorities straight?
Gangs are marking territory everywhere. Anything that stands still long enough is getting painted in gang colors. The nuisance of graffiti is mild compared to the citizen robberies, auto thefts, shootings and cuttings, and homicides that are the real markings of these gangs. One gang in Kenner is being investigated by the FBI for ties to smuggling people, drugs, and guns across the border and the Department of Homeland Security is investigating its possible ties to terrorists. With a college degree in Criminal Justice and experience in government, business, and law enforcement, P.J. Hahn knows how to get our priorities straight. He will leave no safe harbor for gangs and thugs in Kenner. A tough, no-nonsense Republican, he'll lower crime without raising taxes. He'll make every tax dollar work as hard as every taxpayer. He'll give our citizens the respect and criminals the justice they deserve.
When are we going to face the fact that Kenner has a serious gang problem?  
While violent crime has been on a ten year decline nationwide, Kenner continues to see a surge in violence: murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults. Drug trafficking, burglaries and auto thefts have reached intolerable levels.
P.J. Hahn for Chief of Police. Getting our priorities straight to make Kenner safe.
P.J. Hahn believes its time to get our priorities straight. Instead of fighting the mayor and council, how about fighting crime? Instead of harassing citizens, how about arresting violent thugs? Instead of abandoning police cars to bluff criminals, how about using them to arrest criminals? Instead of getting rid of the gang graffiti, how about getting rid of the gangs?
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