Kenner has turned yellow.

When crime fell across the nation last year, it rose by 76% in Kenner. Murders increased by 50%; rapes by 35%; burglaries by 26%; and auto thefts by 15%. Crime scene tape has turned Kenner yellow. As the father of two young daughters, P.J. Hahn refuses to allow Kenner to be wrapped in crime. And, with experience in business, government and law enforcement,he rejects the notion that the only way to lower crime is to raise taxes.
P.J. Hahn believes if the rest of America can reduce crime, so can Kenner. P.J. Hahn is running for Kenner Chief of Police with a single objective: not to fight the Mayor, not to fight the City Council, but to fight crime.Educated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and experienced in public service as a former President of the East Jefferson Levee Board, Administrator in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, and Commissioned Police Officer in a metropolitan police department, P.J. Hahn is ready to protect Kenner as our next Chief of Police.