Why are our children being hauled to jail
while violent criminals are on the loose in Kenner?
If you have teenagers at home, perhaps this story is all too familiar. Two teenage girls are spending a weekend afternoon browsing the shops at the mall. A clerk spies a ring sold at her shop on one of the girls and can't remember making the sale. She asks the girl for proof of purchase. The 13-year-old explains she bought the ring in the shop days before and that her receipt was at home. The clerk accuses the girl of shoplifting and calls the Kenner police. The cost of the ring was $4. The purchase receipt was at the teenager's home, as stated. Two witnesses testified that they saw the girl wearing the ring previous to the incident. The District Attorney refused the charges and dismissed the case. Instead of writing a citation for the child to explain her case before a judge, two Kenner police officers wasted 7-1/2 hours booking a thirteen year-old on a $4 shoplifting charge.* Meanwhile, real criminals-murderers, rapists, robbers, drug dealers- were on the loose. No wonder violent crime is rampant in Kenner.
  A Kenner police officer reports to the scene and both girls are cuffed with their hands behind their backs. One girl was later released and the other was taken by two more Kenner police officers to Rivard Juvenile Detention on the West Bank. The handcuffed-child is placed in a holding cell while police officers write and file their reports. Seven and a half hours later, the police officers return to Kenner. Eventually, the child was released to the custody of her parents. Officials at Rivard claim this is a common occurrence with the Kenner Police Department.   P.J. Hahn believes it's time to get Kenner's priorities straight. As Chief of Police, he'll put the cuffs on the hardened criminals, not our kids. And for kids who steal, they'll have their day in court.
    Violent criminals are waging a war on the citizens of Kenner. It's time our police department joins the battle.
"Fighting violent crime will be my number-one priority."
      *Real incident
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