PJ Hahn, Kenner Chief of Police
PJ HAHN, Chief of Police
"Fighting violent crime will be my
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Dear Friend:
The 2004 FBI Crime Statistics were published earlier this year and explain why so many citizens in Kenner no longer feel safe. At a time when crime fell across the nation, crime rose in Kenner by 7%. Murders increased by 50%; rapes by 35%; burglaries by 26%; and auto thefts by 15%. Kenner Police Chief Nick Congemi, who is prohibited from seeking re-election next year due to term limits, said in the Times Picayune, "I'm concerned. It's something that we have to address."
Some say that crime is inevitable, an inconvenience of living in a metropolitan area. They say the answer is to keep your family and your cars off the street. Some say the answer is more police and more taxes. I say; if the rest of America can reduce crime, Kenner can. As the father of two young daughters, I refuse to allow Kenner to be held hostage by thugs. And, with experience in business, government and law enforcement, I reject the notion that the only way to lower crime is to raise taxes. That's why I'm running for Kenner Chief of Police.
I'm running for Chief of Police with a single objective; not to fight the Mayor, not to fight the City Council, but to fight crime. I'm not interested in fighting grudges, only criminals. And, in a city often divided by politics there's only one side I want to take that's yours.
As a former President of the East Jefferson Levee District, I know how to raise your police protection without raising your taxes. As an administrator for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, I know that every tax dollar must work as hard as every taxpayer. With a college degree in Criminal Justice, I know the importance of police officers being trained in the law, not just enforcement. And, as a former police officer trained in a metropolitan police department, I know that the training, equipment, and salaries of our police officers must be equal to their commitment, courage and sacrifice.
I also know the most effective weapon to fight crime is vigilance of ordinary citizens. I urge you to actively participate in your neighborhood watch group. Please plan on joining your neighbors to reclaim our streets with the 22nd Annual National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2nd.
I look forward to meeting you during the campaign to hear your concerns and to discuss my plans for a safer Kenner. I earnestly seek your contributions and support. If you have a question or suggestion, please don't hesitate to call me at home at 504-469-2644.
P.J. Hahn  
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